MIDASTech International is a new start up company that seeks to provide software and courses in the following areas:

  1. General Excel Applications
  2. Excel Applications for Process Modelling
  3. Mineral Processing Excel Applications
  4. Mineral Processing Courses
  5. Advanced Excel Courses
  6. Research Methods in Mineral Processing
  7. Mineral Processing, Mathematical and Software Development contract services are also available.

Each of these activities is represented using independent websites.

In all of these activities the MIDAS approach is unique and indeed MIDAS Tech has patented many of the concepts for simulation.

MIDAS Tech activities are of prime interest to:

  • Mining Companies
  • Postgraduate students
  • Engineering professionals
  • Scientific Professionals
  • Other quantitative professionals such as Financial Modellers

So please visit the sites that interest you to explore in more detail.  We appreciate your interest; and if you have a general enquiry please contact us.